You just get me...

I’m a proponent in setting aside time with your besties. It truly heals the soul!

And just when you think you may not have time, make the time. These moments are SO integral to your wellness journey. ❤

So cheers to those friends we hold so dear,

to the fun memories,

the laughs and the jeers,

to stopping for a moment to simply walk,

and talk,

and confide,

and bond as Mamas,

as sistas,

as women who just want to simply chill,

enjoy ice cream with real spoons and not this wooden piece of *_*_,

take off our masks and breath in the fresh...cow aroma,

......and just eat peaches.

Go call your soul sister or brother right now...they love you even without your lashes and sundresses. That's special.

Not My First Rodeo T: Forever 21 (Distressed Cowboy)

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