What’s for dinner?

Sometimes, changing up WHERE you eat makes WHAT you eat taste even better.

Especially good ole stew in the backyard.

Fire up the bonfire and throw everything you love into a cast iron: cover, heat, stir, eat.

Bone broth is life, and so are memories. Let your kiddo help chop-and-toss the veggies into the cast iron; let them stir the bone broth...they will feel proud that they helped cook such a hearty meal.

Make sure everyone has a comfy blanket to cuddle with while dinner is cookin' on the spit, and play these games:

20 questions ~ OUTDOOR edition!

Someone thinks of a PERSON or THING, and the subject has to be found outdoors!

The rest of the group asks up to 20 questions to figure out what IT is. You will laugh, and the cooking time will fly by!


One of our fave yard games. Well, at least it was until our daughter became quite good. Closest to the pallino wins!

3 BEST and 1 TEST...

An easy convo with your loved ones and kiddos. Before dinner is ready, each person tells 3 BEST moments of their day and 1 TEST, something that tried, or tested, their courage...and didn’t win. It’s important to talk about things that were not so great, simply so you can defeat it.

Talk about it, find it’s solution, smile and move on.

Champion status.


Make an easy 3-4 step family handshake and practice it. You will crack UP at the funny moves and wiggles you come up with.


Grab a bean bag, a rubber ducky, a hat...whatever is handy, and somewhat small. That will be your "potato," 1 person is the music operator. iPhone playlist is about to shine!

2+ people will toss the object back-and-forth. The one without the "potato" when the music stops wins! Extra dessert, yes please!

The keys to at-home happiness: enjoy simplicity, and jazz it up a bit; connect and listen; play games and dance; eat together.

⭐️Healthy vibes and full tummies to you!⭐️

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