Well, hello gorgeous!

My toes have been buried in the sand and my lungs cleansed with salty air.

The ocean, for me, is like the circular coil rotating in front of my eyes, hypnotizing me into deep thoughts, sinking me into my gratitude. I am reminded in the unplugging process that, it's not having what you want, it's wanting what you have. (thx, Sheryl Crowe)

So now, instead of catching a wave, I am surfing the blogosphere, ready to shower you with summer vibes, happy moments, and stylish tips.

Let's kick it off with a cocktail, shall we?

If you missed this on Instagram, here is my new fave evening sipper after a long day outside. Espresso Martini!

Stay tuned for more great content... VOLUME UP! Xo ❤

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