Want to know a secret?...

Ok, I trust you not to tell anyone what I’m about to divulge...pinky promise, I really don’t want this to get out...

I shave my face!

Now, I know you’re sitting there imagining me with a face full of Barbasol foam, shaving like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone, but that’s not the case… I promise. You have no proof.

When I was younger, I had horrible skin! I would put on a fresh coat of makeup each morning, it was horrible! Little did I know makeup was just a temporary cover-up and not a solution at all.

Luckily, I worked in a hair salon & spa with a bunch of very smart women, who quickly adopted me as a little sister.

side note: some of best days of my young life were spent in the Salon World.

One day, after piling on layers of liquid foundation, one of the aestheticians told me a little secret trick:

“Shave your face, honey! The best exfoliant is a sharp a$$ blade!“

So, when my skin is looking a little blemished, in the shower, I gently shave over the problem areas. Finish with your favorite moisturizer/oil combo, it’s like a new day for your face! I promise, if you try the Petitgrain Moisturizer from BambuEarth, your skin will thank you! Because you "are more precious than jewels..."

*for those that need the not shave your kid's face, dude.

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