Vintage Connection...

Those antique crystal pieces that stare at you when you open your jewelry drawer, hoping today is the day you pick them to wear rather than your pearl studs.

A moment, or blog post rather, for those sweet vintage items that have been handed down to you,

or discovered on a shopping whimsy,

or found behind an old dusty kettle in an antique store,

or that antique bangle you and your Mom found while wedding shopping,

those Boudoir Beethoven celebrities in your velvet lined drawers,

that you cherish,

even though they hardly ever see the light of day.

But why? Too fancy? Never!

Let's change up the way we nurture our vintage collection. WEAR THEM!!

Plain sheer black blouse? ...those vintage clip-on studded earrings are the obvious choice.

Lulus Black Sheer Top

Denim puff-sleeve crop top? ...ummm, those ice blue vintage studs that say Austria on the clip, definitely a good pick, the blueberry on top, if you will.

Lulus Bellport Blue 2-piece Puff sleeve

Ok, so back to reality. Are you going to wear those precious studded clip-on starlets to the grocery store? No.

But, here is how they can shine:

⭐ Tell your kids about your vintage commodities, play dress-up!

Go on a date with your hubby or wife and throw on a simple vintage piece...perhaps a simple blue-hued ring that was his Grandma's? You'll look at it all night.


Gents! That tie-clip, those boots, that car...vintage has a special place in your heart, too, huh? Yes, I totally get it. For my husband, it's a pair of Star Sapphire cuff-links he's had since he was a 😉

Wherever you go, whatever find, cherish your journey and the treasures you discover. And if you are lucky enough to call these pieces of the past yours, cherish them, pass them down, and most of all, WEAR THEM!!


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