The Truck Pool...

If "Life hands you lemons," you make lemonade with a splash of Tito's and a sprig of mint, right? Right.

If "Life starts to rain on your parade," you throw on your galoshes and splash around like Gene Kelly, right? Right.

And when "Covid, or Nasty 'Rona, closes down your pool," you fill-up your pick-up and take a dip, right?? RIGHT AF!!

All of these insights are examples of your ability to Pop your Collar and conquer the world, looking good, feeling good, and taking whatever challenge may be thrown your way, and making it work in your favor.

That is my idea behind The Popped Collar. Your message to the world that you can make a pool feel like an ocean.

How did we Pop our Collars today?

We told our daughter that we could build her a pool to, somewhat, replace our favorite neighborhood pool that has not yet opened. Anything is possible. She was first.

So we accessorized with our thinking caps and popped collars and, thanks to my husband, we came up with this...

The Truck Pool.

There, in all it's glory. I feel right with the world in our Ram Jam Jacuzzi.

Our Flat-bed Riviera.

Our Pick Up Pond. Ok, I'll stop.

Our Country Lagoon.

Ok, ok, ok.

Creativity and simplicity are essentials. And so are fireworks.

What magic can you create right in your backyard? ⭐

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