The Salt of the Earth...

A new adventure in the kitchen, I’ve been inspired! My Mom discovered this awesome video on YouTube about preserving herbs by creating herb salts. Y’all, I’m hooked!!

Enough so, that I created this little video of my salty journey...

Basil Salt: 50/50 Fresh (dry) Basil and kosher salt. Sprinkle on top of tomatoes, pasta, toast...

Poultry Blend: Sage is the star, followed by Thyme, and Rosemary mixed with kosher salt. Chicken dishes shine with this blend!

Thanks to @theelliotthome for such a great idea! Luv your vibe, Shaye Elliott! 🌟

The Elliott Homestead:

And to my Mom for always finding cool ideas like this. 🙌❤

Start plucking those herbs, friends. Get salty!

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