The Power of Fresh...

Having a bouquet of fresh flowers or herbs in the house is essential to me. I believe it reduces stress and anxiety, freshens the air, and it’s pretty! Peonys, roses, rosemary, mint, basil...all in our kitchen, please!

I imagine myself in a little French village, making lemon rosemary chicken and madeleines, plucking rosemary from my fresh herb garden, right outside my kitchen window...the vines have slowly crept in, and I love it. Franky on in the background, bare feet, linen apron, swirling and twirling in our sweet stone kitchen, surrounded by the herbal aromatics that fill my special place.

See what FRESH can do, where it can take you, how it can ease you? Where is your special place, filled with the power of fresh?

While we are experiencing a new time, I know it may seem strange to consider items like flowers and herbs essential. But think of it this way... the clarity of your mind should be essential, always. Your environment has MUCH to do with that.

Support your local farmers...many are offering herbs and plants and flowers for pick-up along with veggies and fruit. You will thank me for this tip...and your farmers will thank you!

This is just a short pause in a long life...soon, we will be able to stop and smell the roses...without masks. Love to you all. ❤

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