The little things...

The Petal Bath.

It's the little things that we remember, and they make a mark because, well, they make us feel so good. It's not rocket science, the little things really count.

Like a square piece of chocolate on our pillow.

Like a wax seal on an invitation.

Like a reach-over-and-hold-my-hand-just-because kind of moment.

Like the smell of meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

Like that song that we use to sing over and over and over.

Like a lavender bouquet tied with twine and left on your doorstep.

Like the nice lady that paid for my coffee this morning.

It's the little things.

I try to remember to make traditions that are simple, that my daughter will carry on to her family one day. The Petal Bath...a simple activity of clipping a few pretty flowers around our house, filling glass bowls with cold water, and carefully placing petals and perfect blossoms in their "baths."

It's relaxing, it's a sweet activity to do together, and having a little petal bath by your bed keeps your environment clean and fresh. Ease the mind and the spirit.

When the flowers are the size of your hand, and the petals are shaped like hearts, these botanicals are yearning for your attention! It's only polite to oblige, invite them in for a while...

sweet dreams...

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