The Future is Bright...

Cheers to them!

Our future scientists,


designers of new ideas,

creators of cures and inventors of complex genius.

They teach us, in this strange way,

to learn what we should already know,

love the right way,

to revel in simplicity.

and imagine bigger and higher than Jupiter itself.

The way they run, freely, it teaches us to let go and LIVE!

When they struggle, we struggle, but we learn,

the deepest parts of ourselves we never knew we could discover,

and conquer. And we become Super.

We gain our super powers through our journey with these magnificent mini humans. Their open hearts and minds should be adored, and replicated, by ALL of us. In simple moments, sit back, and just watch. Grab that "time-sure-does-fly" bird by the neck and make it stop, for just a moment, to take it all in.

Alright, now take a pic, and let the bird go.

Love, learn, create, and be HAPPY like our kiddos! That is true style.

With my daughter, I always encourage whatever her little mind whips up. If she wants to wear a pick dress and experiment with make-up before cleaning the chicken coop, sure! But, Mama's subtle reminders tell her she is beautiful without glitter. Like us all. 😉❤

I say let them CREATE and EAT CAKE!! Keep their minds open and happy, our future depends on it. Xo

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