The Creek Confidant...

Who knows your secrets?

For us, the creek, the woods, the trails...our confidants.

We walk these trails for adventure, for stress relief, for connection to the Earth,

But it's truly a spiritual relationship when you can sit, for what seems like an hour, staring at the water with only one destination in mind. Here. Now.

The ripples hypnotizing me like Kaa's eyes in The Jungle Book, I remove my hat. wipe my forehead, and listen.

Eyes closed, face up to the sun, and absorb.

The sun wants to kiss me, and I oblige. It's not our first date, after all.

Deep breath in...and then allll out.

Look down, water is rushing at my feet like children pulling at my leg, begging me to play...

And then it starts...the contemplation of things, the questions about things, the fear of things, the wonder of things to come... my Creek Confidant is here to listen to all my things, even when I don't say a word. I am crying on it's picturesque shoulder, and I am indebted.

Raw and organic...

I think about my daughter and what she will grow up to be. Will she be proud of us? Of me?

I think about having only one child.

Do people know my story? Or do they just assume?

I think about my new venture.

Will people think this is stupid? WTF is this Popped Collar business?

I think about growing old.

Will I be different? How long will my journey go?

I think about the beat that keeps my song alive.

And right now, the creek is my 1-channel radio...and it reminds me I'm the lead singer.

My questions strangely answered by the spirit of the water, I suppose.

And I feel settled.

I feel complete.

I'm ready.


For us, it was a requirement to teach Sophia how to connect, unplug.

We added Go On Adventures In The Woods to the first page of our metaphorical parenting guide "We Don't Know What The **** We're Doing."

The creek, and all it's bounty, it's a part of our village. Always has been.

It has helped us when our bank rolls were short and we needed a fun outlet for our daughter.

It allowed us to connect, re-discovering each other in "the jungle."

It has been my complimentary therapy when I needed to "lay on the psychiatrist's couch" the most.

I am honored that the creek will have me for a friend, feeding me, listening to me, popping tops on the bank with me. Cheers to the puts the RAD in comradery.

Comment below and let me know where your serene therapy sesh takes place...I have a feeling there are trees and chirping birds involved.

Or maybe a boatload of candles and Dr. Kenny G on the mic?

Where do you connect?

Health and blessings to you all...may all your things be listened to, and your appetite for adventure be forever satiable. 🐟

Here are a few pictures of our recent trip...our daughter was the hunter and gatherer, catching 3 fish! Do you hear the dinner bell ringing??

Let children walk with Nature, let them see the beautiful blendings and communions of death and life, their joyous inseparable unity, as taught in woods and meadows, plains and mountains and streams of our blessed star, and they will learn that death is stingless indeed, and as beautiful as life.

~John Muir

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