So God made a Farmer...

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

“God looked down on his planned paradise and said I need a caretaker — so God made a Farmer”

~Paul Harvey

A rainy day ’round here today. And I’m thankful for it.

I know the crops are being watered, and our upcoming harvest is breaking through the winter dirt blanket, ready to provide us with sustainability in the form of crispy Brussels sprouts and bacon.

God Bless Our Farmers. Our purveyors of Hope and Nourishment.

It’s a bit eerie outside.

The sun playing permanent hide-and-seek; the roads empty, distant even from each other...

But then, like the last hitchhiker on the side of the road, a sign for East Rivendell Farm stood out, asking for a ride, and we obliged...happily.

A hidden gem awaited at the top of a gravel road.

A big white dog sat calmly, guarding his livestock, while the rain gently drizzled around him. The wooden fence posts led the way to a sweet farm.

I’m already cozy with that “Home-Sweet-Home” vibe.

Driving up to the porch was special. Not because of the perfectly misplaced stones, or the brightly colored flowers standing out from the day’s gloom, or even the broom leaning against the old farmhouse porch, like it was taking a rest from a days worth of sweeping.

It was the people. Our Farmers. The caretakers of our town.

And amazingly, through the rush of orders and rain, amidst a looming virus and uncertainty of what’s next, they stand there, smiling. Welcoming us into their sanctuary so that we can be fed, our families nourished.

Their happiness is contagious. And their dedication to the land is admirable.

We are grateful for our box of duck eggs, elderberry jam, sage sausage and ciders. And even more grateful for Farmers who only have a few hours left until their day starts again.

Support your local Farmers...because starving sucks. A giant salute to our caretakers ☀

East Rivendell Farm Market ~ Damascus, MD

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