Let's soften those mittens with this DIY Lavender Salt Scrub.

Use and refill your jar as often as necessary.

💜 Keep this sink-side 💜

Unrefined Coconut Oil.

Because, who wants to be refined?

Fresh lavender, chopped.

The healer.

Coarse salt.

The exfoliant. Your antimicrobial bestie.

Sweet Almond or Vitamin E oil.

The moisturizer/hug.

Lavender essential oil (I used 8 drops).

The perfume.

Amounts? Wing it! I like to add a lot of chopped lavender and salt, and enough coconut oil and sweet almond oil to make a firm paste.

After you scrub with a spoonful for 30 seconds - 5 minutes (however long it judgement zone...), gently wash with 1 pump of your favorite mild cleanser and rinse with warm water.

Pat dry and take a wiff of those hands. mmmmmm

Voila. When you need a mini spa treatment, stop by the kitchen sink. Xo.

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