Science. It’s MAD, I TELL YOU!...

How about a few fun and simple science experiments?! Here we go...

1. IF YOU STAB A BAG FULL OF WATER, WILL IT LEAK? Nope. ◾ Fill a zip-and-seal plastic bag almost full of water. Seal the top.

Now this is the fun part...stab the bag ALL THE WAY through. No leak!

WHY?: The bag is made of polymer - long, flexible chains of molecules. When you stab the bag, the polymers move apart, but because they are flexible, they come back toward the pencil to form a seal.

2. LET’S MAKE A TORNADO! Fill a glass or pitcher with carbonated water.

(a lesson on carbon dioxide - the CO2 bubbles will form the tornado!)

Place one drop of food coloring., come on STIR...big, quick circles...there you go.

Stop stirring and sprinkle salt (or glitter!), a good spoon full. Now check out that twists for a good while! Kind of hypnotizing, actually...

WHY?: After spinning the water, a vortex is created, like the vortex in a tornado.

Centripetal force causes the water to spin around that vortex making a mini tornado.


Grab an old white t-shirt or whatever is handy (paper towels work, too!). Cut a long strip of your fabric. In 4 separate cups, add a good amount of food coloring (4 or more different colors).

Let’s make a rainbow. Gently place the end of your ribbon into the first cup.

Then, as gracefully as you can, gently drape-and-dip the ribbon into each cup. (up-down-up-down). ◾ Check back in a few will see the colors start to climb!

WHY?: Capillary action! The water molecules climb up the fabric, bringing other water molecules along.

The movement of a liquid along the surface of a solid caused by the attraction of the molecules of the liquid to the molecules of the solid.


Veggies and herbs you can regrow from scraps right in your kitchen!

We have been successful regrowing basil, rosemary, scallion and potatoes.

So easy! And it’s fun to watch the growth progress each day. Here is a great list and an easy how-to from Rural Sprout:

WHY?: Teaches about budget, teaches to take pride in growing vs buying, and it looks super pretty to have FRESH style in your kitchen.

👇 keep going, we're not done yet! 👇


We love crystals! So it was a no-brainer to add this activity to our science experiment list!

For easy instructions, check out SCIENCE BOB:

WHY?: We learn about super saturated solutions and crystallization!

This is a great Easter project!


I hope you all continue to discover the fun in SCIENCE and EACH OTHER!

Have fun in your kitchen labs!! 🧪

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