Ruffles for Terra Maria...

Much like brown paper packages tied up with string, allow me to highlight a few of my favorite things:

▪ My Home State of Maryland.

Ruffled shirts, more Victorian-esque than Seinfeld-esque.

Old and abandoned pieces of the past at my fingertips.

BRIGHT colors against a brilliantly dull background. Then vs Now.

Best for last: the cute little Princess we found in the old assembly room of these ruins. ❤

Maryland, or Terra Mariae in Latin, was named for Queen Henrietta Maria, wife of King Charles I of England.

If you schedule a little lunch with your friend, Google, you will learn so much about the very ground you are stepping on! Luckily for us, Maryland is rich in history. There are several places to visit that will transport us to days of old...

And here we are, Terra Maria. A sweet little community of tightly spaced houses with big front porches, white-picket fences, Maryland and USA flags on nearly every flag post, kids playing in the round-about, dogs barking...and then, in the midst of modern day suburbia, 100-year old ruins appear, TOWERing like a guardian over the neighborhood.

She still stands with her shoulders back, this Old Lady with no roof, no doors, hollow windows...ready to stand for another hundred. Boss status.

Standing against this immense antique, I feel humbled, in a way. As though I asked for permission to take my photos here, and she obliged.

I stood comfortable and relaxed as I brushed my fingertips against the old stone walls, carefully taking in this history lesson.

Imagining the young men, back then, walking the very space where I stand, talking about the epidemic of their time.

Thinking to myself, what was it like back then, with so much less than what we have now?

And in turn, wondering if they thought what life would be like this far in the future, 2020.

I suppose we will forever be stuck looking through these hollow windows back at each other, no questions really answered, just ginormous assumptions and a colorful imagination. And that's ok.

Hats off to this special community. An expensive undertaking, the housing association paid to keep these ruins from being toppled. Mrs. Suburbia has stretched out her arms far enough. Preserve history!

Do you like a bit of history like me? Check out this public record from The Maryland Historical Trust of Howard County for the full description of the ruins, black&white photos, and best of all, the STORY behind this 100-year old seminary, St. Charles College. Make a sipper for this one (chai tea, perhaps?)...a long, but interesting read.

Cheers to your adventures and ever-expanding knowledge!

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