The Craft Box...

Rather than buy yet another plastic toy from the store, change it up a bit by creating The Craft Box. Adding “The” to the title is imperative here, because we are about to do some damage at The Dollar Store, y’all! Your Crafting Jedi Level: Expert.

Go wild: sequence, glue, fuzzy sticks, wacky eyes, feathers, ribbon! Let’s reach back to when we were kiddos.....hang on, it’s been a minute.......ok, we’re there! Little you.

As little you, imagine what you would want to craft with...likely glitter all day long, the messiest of the crafting mediums. Throw ALLL the glitter in there!

Crafting is like baking, it's no fun unless it's a little messy.

Pile it all in a cute box and there it is, in all it’s glory.

The Craft Box. *cue choir music in the background*

For $20-$30, you can create a crafting center for you and your kiddo to go back to several times over. Oh, the special monsters/gardens/jewelry/weird-one-eyed-caterpillar things you will create!

Your imagination is limitless...these little whistles and trinkets will add to all your creative adventures!

Happy crafting!

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