Retro vibes, a style story...

When my husband and I were newly married (almost 20 years ago!), I remember a very special night at his brother‘s house.

A casual family dinner, like we’d had a dozen times before, turned quite special that evening. After dinner, we huddled together in the kitchen, around a small television set, and watched an old Betamax video. Fun, emotional, warm. That portal to the past stills inspires me today!

Grainy and off-tint, the video showed a cocktail party, perhaps a holiday party, hosted by my husband’s parents. The men wore button-down shirts, the women dressed in sweet frocks. And then the video pans to the staircase, the hostess of the party casually strolled down to greet her guests in a fabulous gold lamé dress. My Mother-in-law, Zoya, had a special touch for fashion and style. Her hair was as gold as her dress, and coiffed high enough to touch the Heavens. If I were a party guest, you would have heard me yell “YASSSSSS!!” as she entered the room.

Fashions come and go. But, style.

Style is almost like an energy. It has magical powers. It’s timeless, and reaches us, through the Betamax memory waves, and then BAM, impacts us in this very moment.

Embrace your style. It packs a punch.

Donning retro-esque threads connects me, somehow, to the past. I imagine myself in this collard maxi if I could attend one of those special evenings “back in the day.” Collar popped, of course. 😉

Cheers to our homegrown style icons, and to the men and women, the Lucy’s and Ricky’s, that still dress up. You are fabulous! ⭐️

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