Reba, Daisy, June...

Our latest family project, The Coop. From sticks, to a frame, to an actual little building! So proud of my husband for building this coop for our sweet new brood. ❤️

Our girls have so much personality and character, I could lay in my hammock and watch them for hours. But it’s 94 degrees outside, so I’m admiring them from my window, in AC, typing this note to you.

Chicken ownership comes with so many perks.

Obviously, the mighty egg ranks high on the list of PROS. 🙌 But we have found that our daughter enjoys ownership of this responsibility! She wants to wake up early, clean the coop, change the food/water. It’s a joy to see your kiddo do something responsible without being asked. Something dirty, smelly and a little tough, at that!

I will say, watching and hanging out with our chickens is cathartic, it’s funny, it provides a sense of pride, and above all, the memories they afford us are priceless.

God bless our children, our soldiers, our farmers, our land...and our chickens. ❤️

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