Puff Sleeve Addiction...

The size of the sleeves called to me.

The dark blonde color matched my eyes and my roots.

Then the bow turned the corner and, HELLO, I was sold.

Loving the puff sleeve trend! ❤

It feels like the frills and frocks of the past have been reinvented into these modern puffy blouses.

I can see the 1930s McCall lady sketches finally getting to twirl as they re-enter the world of fashion in the their puff-sleeve day dresses.

Here is my thought when you get stumped on what to wear:

Check-out what they used to wear, channel you inner Marilyn.

Get inspired.

Reinvent your style.

Go bold... Big sleeves. Bright colors. Poppin' patterns!

My blouse can be found at New York and Company (40% off right now!): Poplin Bow Blouse

Puff those Sleeves and Pop that Collar! Xo

ps - The higher the bun, the closer to Heaven, right? To get that extra height on my coiffure, I wrapped a sock around my ponytail, then created an easy bun with a bobby pin...ok, 7 bobby pins.

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