Potions and Elixirs...

While we wait for the discovery of the fountain of youth, Mama Nature has opened her market for us to explore and learn about all things HEALTHY and HEALING.

I am very new to the world of adaptogens.

My journey to learn and discover new and natural remedies and balances is proving to be interesting and bottomless .

Let’s start with roots and peels.

I’m hooked on tea, adaptogenic coffee, and this golden beauty...Curam.

1 tsp 2/day. A little sweet, citrus and floral boost. A spoonful on the tongue or in your favorite tea/juice. I actually get excited to take this when I wake up!

▪ Fall in love with plant medicines and add to your apothecary here.

Learn more about Adriana Ayales and the power of HEALING TONICS here.

▪ Adaptogenic Coffee (Dirty and Cacao are my fave)...check it out here.

Sweet tip: Add a split vanilla bean to a jar and add your favorite sweetener. Shake and store. Adds a soft vanilla note to your favorite beverage! xo

Take the time to breath, close your eyes, sip away your worries, and just be present in your moment.

Balance is key.

Trust in the Earth is fundamental...She bestows gifts upon us, gifts we can open without guilt and ALL the pleasure.

Peace Love Health

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