Pop Culture Inspiration...

I’m channeling my inner Jessica Beal, circa 1983, steel mill worker by day, dancer at night.

*laundry buzzer sounds*

Ok, back to reality! Those beautiful red heels may not translate to my everyday, but I think I can still rock an iconic style while fulfilling my Mama duties.

Highlight yourself through your favorite iconic styles!

❤ Poof up that hair and surprise your kids with a new look!

Slightly tilt that sweatshirt off your shoulder to surprise your hubby with a little sass.

And above all, add a pop of COLOR and COMFORT for yourself. I see that pep in your step. Yesss, honey!

PS - Red Birkenstock wannabes at Walmart for $14.98!

Let’s get creative!

Stay tuned for my next Pop Culture inspiration...

Healthy and Creative vibes to all of you! ⭐

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