Petal Pedicure...

Proof that staying home can be quite luxurious.

My daughter LOVES pedicures. Is there anything better than Spa Day?

It's quality time together, it's fun, and your kiddo ends up with fresh feet!

We have used many things in our pedicure pools...smooth stones, water beads, bubble foam. But our favorite so far...fresh petals!

Grab a basket and scissors and walk around the house together, clipping little flowers you find from your garden or landscape. 🌷

Fill a basin with warm water, vitamin E oil and citrus peels. 🍊

Add your precious petals and your pedicure pool is ready...your Highness.

Before the soak-and-soothe, let's do masks...on our feet!

Really love the Holler and Glow Avocado masks. Big socks for your feet, cold at first (we definitely HOLLered), but after a few minutes, HELLO SOFT TOOTSIES!!!

Remember to pair things that are special...2 birds, if you will.

For us, Quality Time and Pampering. WIN WIN ❤

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