Perhaps, a slight change...

Instead of a romantic “take me back” tune blaring from your boombox, a box of chicken is what you should have brought that girl!!

Duh, John Cusack. Duh. 🍗

By now you know 80s movies have a special place in this girl’s ticker. ❤️ The styles, the sweet messages and cheesy love stories, the MUSIC! 🙌

I’m all about it!

Be inspired, but be YOU. Check out how you can style this beautiful coat from @forever21, sans the high top kicks. 😉 This coat is so soft, stunning need this in your closet!

Pink velvet skirt by @shopakira. IN LOVE!! Soft, thick material that squeezes tight and right, yasss! Pretty in Pink. Ok, ok, no more 80s references. Us bloggers, we’ll Say Anything. I’ll stop! Will save the rest for tomorrow morning, during breakfast club. Ok, I’m done. 80s forever!! 🤘

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