One is right, and the other is not done yet...

Marshmallows are meant to be burnt-y.

In my opinion.

Mainly because that’s the correct way to eat them!

In my opinion.

I get the looks, the stares, the whispers: “Burnt marshmallows? I bet her toilet paper rolls back, too. ugh”

Let me just clear this the world of toilet paper, I’m a believer in “beards are better than mullets.”

And when it comes to marshmallows, burnt is best.

In my opinion.

SMORES!! Isn't it bonfire season year round?

What is your favorite s’mores creation?? Reese's peanut butter cup and burnt 'shmallow is on point, just sayin...

Send me your ooey gooey s'mores ideas!

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