Mint for Mama...

Happy Sunday! On my way to bring my Mom a jar of my mint, enjoying the beautiful country drive, and feeling grateful,

for these simple moments,

for these long drives,

for AC,

for freshness and health,

for the special hand I'm holding.

Make your day overflow with sweet moments that leave you closing your eyes and breathing it all in. Lucky you.

And speaking of lucky, check out this bunch of basil from my Mom! I wish I could offer this smell to you right now...take my word, it's irresistible.

Hair Tip: Sun's Out Bun's Out! Walmart sells the perfect bun maker from Remington in the hair accessory aisle. $5!

Dress: Shein for the BRIGHT YELLOW win. Gingham Ruffle Hem Smock Dress is super comfy!! Under $20 with website coupon code!

Health and Happiness to you! Xo

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