Luna Bands...

I am bursting with pride to introduce to you, Luna Bands!

Before we begin, a penny...

let's relish in the moments that leave us so happy and beaming with that feeling of pride and genuine love, all brought to us like a perfectly wrapped gift from our children.

When they shine, we smile. Proud parent moment, indeed...

Like brown paper packages tied up with string, Luna Bands by Sophia is my favorite thing. And she is my favorite everything.

Crafting and making jewelry, we are all about it. #GirlMomLife

We get excited to grab a little coffee and lemonade from Starbucks and venture over to the $1 beads section of the Walmart craft aisle. Slowly, we have gathered a mini empire of beads and string. A sparkly array of every color you could imagine.

One evening, while watching a movie and creating, what I thought were necklaces, was now being worn on Sophia's forehead. She created a SUPER cute, boho-chic style accessory. And so, Luna Bands by Sophia was born. ⭐

She came up with color schemes, sorted her Luna Bands by occasion (fun, wedding, evening, kids, rings), took photos in her home studio, modeled. She even thought to contact a local boutique to possibly sell Luna Bands in their store when the shelter-in-place order is lifted.

I was actually getting to see her brain work...and it was ******* AMAZING!! Isn't it rewarding to see your kiddo create something, alone, naturally? Getting to see, front row, the LIVE show of their growth and maturity as a little human. *sigh*

My daughter, the designer of the reinvented necklace. ❤

I imagine Luna Bands to be on every forehead at every music festival next summer!

Luna Bands now...what else can this little mind come up with in the future??

Like Whitney Houston said, I believe the children are our future, y'all. Let us pray.

So here is my final thought. Take a moment and enjoy the warmth of proud moments. They feel so good and validate that "you're doing good, kid." *gently pats back*

Believe in your kids, all the ideas...there is simple brilliance found in every imaginative spark. We just need to pay attention. Constant encouragement is key...believe it to achieve it! Our kids teach us more than we could ever teach them...and we should always listen.

God Bless our future Designers, Scientists, Astronauts, Doctors, Teachers...

Our kids are pretty darn amazing. ❤

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