Laundry. Fun?...

Are you looking at your laundry mountain this way, too?

Can someone please tell me how a family of 3 people can accumulate so much laundry?

Is it the quarantine? Are we changing bi-hourly?

Breathe, Mama....just breathe....let’s get this bedroom poppin', laundry flyin', my dance move “The Tide-al Wave” is on point! 🌊

Here are a few ideas how to spruce up your laundry experience:

SOCKS - put all the socks in a pile for this fun matching game. Who ever gets the most paired socks gets to pick dessert! (or an extra 15 minutes to stay up late)

STATUE GAME - May require a few pieces to be refolded, but YOLO! After folding your mountain of laundry, stand with your hands out, palms up, like your holding a pizza in each hand (elbows bent for stability). Place a few folded t-shirts in each hand, pants work great (but are heavy), towels...

Socks and washcloths on the head. After piling on as much as you can, count to 20!

If you made it without dropping any clothes, you get a prize! (extra 10 min of iPad time, choice of breakfast, stickers)

This game makes folding go so much faster...they will want to fold fast to play the game!

KNICKERS AND A NIGHT CAP - you, your special someone, libations and undies...clean undies. Folding laundry together may be the best way to re-connect, laugh, drink, throw clothes at each other. Bringing people together, one pair of undies at a time. ❤

MUSIC - if you’ve been folding laundry in a quiet room, I’m shaking my head at you. CRANK IT UP!! Music is essential to all household chores. To life.

Invite your kiddos and hubby/wife to a Laundry Party Dance-off.

After you have folded 3 items, you have to show your best dance move!

Points for creativity (my husband’s button-down shirt and I had a serious waltz going on the other night 😉).

MOVIE - put all the clothes on the bed and make a movie slumber party out of your folding experience. Bonus is, there is not far to go to put everything away!

Happy folding! 👕👖

20 seconds AND a model walk. Winner.

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