I can hear them tuning up...

The strings. The flutes and clarinets. When this very long intermission is over, I will be ready for the performance…in this dress.

When we were younger, my husband and I would attend free shows at The Kennedy Center in Washington DC. They would open up the main hallway for free performances, right on the red carpet! While we were young, and our bank rolls were small, this, to us, was everything. A fancy night, in a fancy venue, and a chance to get dressed to the nines, all for the low price of free.

It was an adventure, which performance we would see, who would be in attendance. We felt brilliant, walking down the long red carpet of The Hall of Nations, the flags draped as honorable silhouettes above us. Two young adults experiencing a true Jack Dawson moment. It was fun, we were nervous, felt like we were on our "ship of dreams."

I attached a few old photos of one of these special nights. I remember like it was yesterday. That dress!! One-shoulder, black and white, flowed in the wind on the terrace. Yass!! My husband and I, the dream team, making memories, even with no money at all. I’ll never forget those nights...ever.

Hidden magical places...they are out there...and cost no money at all. Just grab your bestie, a fancy dress, heels that slip on-and-off quite easily, and a sense of what may.


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