Flats and Spikes...

Ok ladies, let's remain calm.

Sir FedEx just dropped something at the door.

We can see his shadow through the glass door, placing the box.

NO, don't move, you'll startle him. He holds important cargo.

Just be patient.

Ok, he's walking down the path.


NO! He totally heard you unlocking the door! I said be patient.

*beep beep beep*

He's backing away.

He sees you tear into the box like a starved lion.

How. Embarrassing.

Wave and yell "THANK YOU!!!"

Ok, smiles all around, let's continue this inside.......

Fancy-up those flats, and Spike-up those mules.

Let's make your tootsies the star of the show.

Crown Vintage frayed jeweled sandal.

Casual & Fancy, married together in harmony. (I mean, look at those STONES).

This one is a win for almost all outfits.

Currently 40% off at Steinmart! Grand total: $29.99

Gold espadrille slides.

Ok, SO comfy, and...well....GOLD need no introduction.

Love the soft metallic look to finish off a denim/white blouse outfit.

Lulus for the win! Great quality slide for $20, with an additional 15% off. ❤

BREATH for this next one. The Spiky Stunner.

For when we can FINALLY go to a restaurant and show off the legs we've been sculpting during quarantine. I know they look like Chanel...but, come know me...these are Fanel (Faux Chanel). NOT $300, promise.

TIP: shop several sources for the SAME shoe but LOWEST price. These were listed on another site for $80. Steinmart showed these shoes for $44.99, with an additional 40% off. Grand total $26.99.

What pairs with a spiky mule, besides that chilled Chianti? ...that paisley oversized bow-tie. Pop that collar, honey, and put that baby on!

Anyone need a grooms-woman? 🙋🏼‍♀️

"If loving shoes is a crime...I'm looking at life without parole."

~Brian Atwood

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