Favorite 80s movie!...

PROUD to be an 80s baby! 1980, to be exact.

The year when a Pontiac Firebird cost $6000 new, the Rubik’s cube debuts, CNN launches and Post-it notes are created. In 1980, we sadly say goodbye to John Lennon, but happily make ice hockey history when the US defeats the Soviet Union, a true Miracle on Ice.

1980 sparked a decade of big hair and tight pants, iconic movie lines and fashions. Queue the Teen 80s Movie movement!! From FAME to Fast Times, Dancing that was a little Dirty and a Breakfast Club that made me want to get detention, this was the decade that shined a big bright neon light on fun style, and honored a youthful voice that roared. And when it all started to end, even Steven Tyler was Cryin.

I found this sweet baby pink maxi from Forever 21 and it instantly reminded me of my favorite 80s movie. The only difference for me here, Jake Ryan would have brought me a burrito instead of a cake. 🌯

@mollyringwald, you wore it better, sister. Obvi. ❤️

Happy Saturday, y’all!! What’s your favorite 80s flick?

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