Fashion Tip Alert...

Psst, lean in, ladies! When you get stumped on what to wear, and the Women’s department in Walmart just ain’t cutting it, stroll on over to the Men’s department!

🔑: Size Down, Look for Sales, Get Creative!

Y’all, I found this Khaki Field Jacket by George, quality material, metal zipper...for $9!!

Then, my Cali-loving heart saw these above-the-knee denim board shorts by No Boundaries...for $11!!

Simple Men's staples paired with your white tank, cute belt, and nude sling backs, makes for such a fun kick-back summer outfit. ☀️

Have some 🏀⚽️🏐 and venture into the Men’s department!! The gents don’t mind. But I wouldn’t, like, run and tell them our secret.

You know what, we’ll just keep this between us. Xo

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