Nooks and crannies...

Let's take a virtual stroll through town, shall we?

The charm of old towns, from the row houses to the boutiques, the cast iron railings and lion head door knockers...I’m all about it!! When the road is extra bumpy, or the cobble stones are a bit wobbly, it adds to the old charm feel. It takes us back in time for a moment, wondering what it was like "way back when."

I imagine horses parked outside where I'm standing... I imagine streets lined with candlelit lanterns...

And there would be no "humming" in the air, like we have now. You could maybe hear the crackle from the local masonry's bonfire; clicks and clacks from the iron smith, perhaps...

And the smell in the air, likely a mix of a camp bonfire with apples and cinnamon...

And I would have no muffin top, either, 'cause my girdle would be ON POINT Y'ALL, like 1865 Kim K. yasss

Discovery awaits when we walk around these cute Hallmark-scapes, allowing us to find and adore the nooks and crannies, or the sass, of these sweet towns.

When the clouds part, and our insatiable desire to be OUTSIDE howls, here is a fun idea:

Park and walk. If you find an antique store or a fun boutique, let the kiddos have a $5 budget to find a special treasure. For us, we found a unique store called Peridot in New Market, MD. Just a sweet little row house, filled with different stones, essential oils, and 2 huge amethyst carvings. It was so much fun learning about chakras and energy, and we left with a little velvet bag filled with special stones. I guess that makes me a happy stoner...

Where are the special nooks and crannies in your town??

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New Market, MD

Peridot store - New Market, MD

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