Subtle reminders...

like this one...are often present....exactly when they need to be.

We are facing a new world, a new time.

Unexpectedly, we have found the need for our survival gear, emergency plans, cloaks of invisibility. We are testing our skills and our smarts, witnessing compassion, and sadly, the compassion-less. When the day is done, and not even the mice are stirring, I think about our ancestors.

How, just how, did they do it?

Well, I think the answer is patience. And prayer. And kindness.

Reminders, no matter how subtle, are there for a purpose. Listen to them. Never second guess them. It's a way of letting you know it's going to be ok. It just is. There's no other choice.

So in a time of uncertainty, let the light win. And never stop anything. ⭐️

Health and love to you all. 💋

Mt. Airy, MD

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