Every day counts...

Playing teacher is so fun...with one kiddo...and a quiet house.

I'm convinced teachers have super powers, there is just no other explanation. Well, it’s only been day 1, but we are having a blast! Here is a fun idea that helps with math and writing.

Set-up a little pop-up shop, a school store of sorts. Find items around the house that your kiddo will want to buy.

Perhaps even reach into your Dollar Store/Target/Walmart stash in the back of the closet...I know you have a stockpile of pencils, glow sticks, stickers back there, Monica...

Here are some ideas:

Fruit snacks (this helps incorporate cents. We charge $.50/bag)


Hair accessories

Fresh fruit

Play Dough

Supplies...colorful paper, writing board, protractor

The options are endless!

Next, your little student goes shopping!

Make sure they write down and add what they bought. Stick to a budget!!

It’s never too early to learn home economics.

I start with a $15 budget. Whatever they have left rolls over to tomorrow if they return to the store.

(and we always return to the store, am I right, ladies?) My little one was super proud that she still had money left for the rest of the week.

Learning only works if it’s FUN!!!

What are some fun at-home ideas you have to keep your kiddos engaged in learning??

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