DIY Alert!...

I'm sad to say...I can't sew.

Well, like I always tell my's never "I can't" but rather "I can't yet."

After playing outside in this beautiful weather, that Spring renewal feeling got me inspired. To sew, no. To craft, yessss.

In my secret "Monica closet" I have a small stash of misc items, including some scrap fabric. Seeing this cute Fabric Carrot trend floating around the www, I decided to take a crack at it for our Weekend Wind Down craft project.

Let me tell you, the multiple times I burned the tip of my finger with that ******* hot glue, this project didn't wind me down at all...but the result, adorbs.

Did she say glue?

Oh yeah...if orange is the new black...glue is the new thread.

🥕 Here's how you do it 🥕

1. Fold your fabric square in half. Now cut to make a triangle (from top right corner *center fold* to bottom left corner). Unfold to see your future carrot...

2. Make a small fold-over along one edge of your fabric triangle (pattern side down). About a half inch.

3. Glue under the small flap, an inch at a time, all the way up the carrot. It's important to go the tortoise and not the hare.

4. Now, start at the tip of your carrot and glue, inch-by-inch, up the edge of the carrot, sealing the two edges as you go along. * see picture *

5. Wait a few minutes, then reach into your carrot pillow and gently pull inside out.

6. Fill with pillow batting; using a spoon handle helps to gently push the batting to the carrot tip. Then scrunch the top together like a bakers piping bag. Tie a ribbon or twine around the top.

7. Cut access material to leave just a little "ponytail" at the top.

8. Add your favorite greenery sprigs by poking through the top of the carrot's ponytail. Walmart sells great faux evergreen sprigs for $.97! I used just 2 sprigs for 7 carrots, breaking them apart.

*If you have fabric glue, obviously a better, less painful, option. But we are plum out. Use what ya got!

Here is the fun coming home from Home Goods, peeling off those stickers, and DECORATING! Place the carrots in a basket, on a side table, or as a bright addition to your center table-scape. I added a few to my gardening table for an extra POP of Spring. 😉

These sweet carrots also make a great gift! Maybe add a little scented sash inside of the carrot for a Spring room freshener. Or pair one with your favorite homemade bread and give it to someone that could use a smile.

Here is my favorite EASY banana bread recipe (add real fruit, nuts or seeds for an added treat):

If nothing else, you created a really cool project...with glue.

I mean, just look at those straight seams. You're such a rockstar.

Your mind is the garden

Your thoughts are the seeds

The harvest can either be flowers

Or weeds.

~William Wordsworth

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