“Brownie Batter” Face Scrub...

Aloe and Coconut Palm Sugar with a dab of Vitamin E. Easy peasy!


1. Not refined, just simply boiled down sap from the coconut palm. Super gentle on the skin!

2. Contains micronutrients, like iron and zinc.

3. Buy coconut sugar for skin care and cooking! Coconut trees are sustainably grown without irrigation. By using coconut sugar, you are supporting an industry that’s also better for the bigger picture of the planet. 🌍


Too many to list, but I love aloe in the summer for skincare. Soft, moisturizing, gentle, cool. My daughter digs it because it’s slimy. ☺️

We created this “brownie batter” scrub that we really love! Simply blend fresh aloe and 4-8 drops of your favorite skin oil (E or Sweet Almond) until frothy. Add the liquid to a good amount of coconut sugar until you have created a batter. Paint this scrub on your face for a luxurious exfoliation. I can hear you singing “This Is For The Cool In You” because you’re such a Babyface. 😉

Store in a mason jar in the fridge!

Cheers to Mother Nature!! 🙌


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