A woman shopping in the menโ€™s dept? Say it ainโ€™t so...

Yup, I do! I shop for joggers, sweats, flannels in the menโ€™s dept!

I found these cute joggers (WM $15), which I pair with cute heels (preferably clear ๐Ÿ˜‰), casual top, and Iโ€™m off!

Some jogger options have tuxedo stripes, camo patterns, and fun nautical color combos (Navy blue is never wrong)โ€ฆ this is a no brainer, am I right?!

Just remember to size down.

Do they sell joggers in the womenโ€™s dept?

Sure! But they simply donโ€™t have the room for my ballz of steel.

Happy shopping, ladies!

Have you ventured out from the women's wear realm?? What are some of your special outfit finds??

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