A Polaroid Style Edit: the 70s

The new LIFE magazine highlights the styles and events of the 1970s. It had me hooked!! I mean, you open it and Farrah and her feathered locks appear on a skateboard...add to cart! Totally inspired.

How do you wear your bell bottom blues??

After reading the events of the 70s, and knowing that disco was most prevalent on the charts, I probably would not have wanted to live in that decade. Y'all, they had to ration gas...the lines!! And don't get me started on the death of Elvis, my heart can't take it.

But then there’s bell bottoms, long hair, Led Zeppelin and Jon Travolta givin me chills, and they’re multiplyin! Alright, I could take a Stairway to Heaven and Survive in the 70s.

My look: I imagine if I was a young woman of the 70s, my vibe would be casual but chic. I would show up in clear block heels, only to take them off 5 minutes after I got to the party, allowing my bell bottoms to drag slightly on the floor.

Flash forward to 2020, so much has occurred and changed on our historical timeline, but isn’t it funny, the style and fashion and groovy vibes of past decades ride this wave, of sorts, traveling through time, carrying on. We just add our own flare nowadays.

And our music is better. I said it! Sorry, Danny Zuko.

Love and peace to all you cool cats out there! Xo

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