A moment in the study...shhh...

If you are looking for an interesting read, I have one for you. But, please note, this recommendation is coming from a movie lover, and not so much a book lover.

I have never been one to dive into a long book, a deep story with many layers. I wish I had that super power. My love of light and short reading was sparked in high school when I discovered Edgar Allen Poe. And then, The Great Gatsby happened, my favorite.

When I take the time to read, I enjoy something a little different, thoughts and ideas that leave me going "hmmm..."

Actuals and Factuals rather than Fabio and Fascinations.

Umberto Eco's "On Ugliness" is a disgustingly distracting book, so visually appealing (I like pictures!). It's art, it's poetry, it's scary in a compelling environment of gruesome pictures, twisted art, historical practices...makes you wonder why the things we protect ourselves from, are often the same things that secretly compel us.

From grumpy cats that make the perfect meme, to the fascination of Medusa in Greek Mythology;

From obese women in Baroque art to circus curiosities;

From Frankenstein to Shrek.

Face it, ugliness compels us...and it's beautiful.

Cheers to your paperback journey! May it be as interesting and ugly as mine. Xo

Crystal Blueblocker glasses by FEISEDY on Amazon: I often find myself pausing my reading to research words I don't know. These hazel eyes do not like glare, so these peeper protectors are perfect. Now, say peeper protectors are perfect 10x fast! lol

Skirt by SHEIN, balloon sleeve crop by Lost April (an oldie but oh so goody).

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