A little chuckle, perhaps...

A joke for your evening:

Why is it difficult for a leopard to hide?

Because she is always spotted.

Ok, I’ll stick to my day long as I can wear this dress all day!! Seriously the most comfy maxi. Lined, gold-buttoned cuffs, slightly heavy, which I like. Feels rich. 😉

But alas, I like to look rich and not spend rich. This dress by SHEIN is under $25!!

This maxi would pair so well with a simple nude strappy heel, but for comfort, and to allow my skirt to properly sway and drape across the grass, I chose a scalloped gladiator sandal. So comfy, and found on AMAZON!!

I suppose being spotted ain’t all that bad. Xo

SHEIN Plunging Self Tie Leopard Surplice Dress.

AMAZON Breckelle's Womens Solo-15 Gladiator Sandals

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