Hey y’all!  This is me:  Wife and Mama, Walmart guru, country lover, wanna-be-cook/baker/mixologist, a believer in God,

a Black & Gold supporter (and if you’re not, you’re wrong), a meat eater, Real Housewives aficionado, a creative goober that loves to create creative creations with my ultimate creation, my Sophia.
Basically, *sips iced latte*, I’m like one of those tubes of biscuit dough ready to explode my thoughts into your world.
So preheat to 350 and let’s get to know each other!


Pictures on this site

You are seeing my world through the "i" of my iPhone. 
All of the pictures on this site are moments I caught with my phone.  No stock photos here! 
I mean, can you imagine going to a Gaga concert, and hearing lip singing?? 
Ain't gonna happen there, ain't gonna happen here.