A rose by any other name...

Welcome, gorgeous!

You may wonder, why “The Popped Collar” as a name?

It’s an easy explanation, really.

As a kid of the 80’s, I know the feeling that a popped collar evoked.
Confidence, coolness, sharpness.
It’s a look. It’s a feeling.  It's timeless.
Throw on a pair of RayBans and create an aura of AquaNet, your ready to rule to world.


Well, while certain things go out of style, the feeling you get from that popped collar is evergreen.

No matter what you are going through in your life, the happy, or the “on your way back up,”
a popped collar generates that little bit of the electricity it takes to get your motor running. 


And that's exactly the purpose of this site. 

Content that will boost your everyday through creativity, pictures, food, style.

So, whether your at the grocery store or wearing Haute Couture,

pop that collar, honey. 

It's an underestimated power.

Don’t believe me?
Just ask Marilyn...

(Baron / Getty Images)

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