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and confidence

The Popped Collar

You are a part of my tribe!

Together, this is our house, and we’re going to fill it with new ideas, LAUGHTER (oh, we’re gonna laugh), tasty treats, music, secrets, tricks, stories, pictures...

so sit back, grab your spirit of choice and pop that collar, honey...we’re about to get freaky.


Let us draw a path, leading to our ideas, our strengths, our purpose.  2 keys will unlock all that you seek...Hope and Confidence. 

The Popped Collar is my platform to share my journey, in hopes that our paths will cross, mingle, shine together.



If it says it in LIGHTS, well then it must be true.

Good things will never die,

Colors will always catch your eye,

Hope will always rise,

Love will always rule,

Swagger will never slump, 

Light will win the battle over darkness, 

Happiness is an attainable destination.

We just need to believe, and reach, and turn on the light.


Life, Love, Pursuit of Happiness...yup, ok, got it.

Now let's talk about Style!  It's all about feeling good, and exuding that feeling when we are out conquering the world, and all.  And in this satin, floral-mix dress, I'm feeling pretty **** good.  

Style is a feeling that we play dress-up with.  It's why we buy a new dress for a wedding;  it's why we buy our kids a new outfit for school;  it makes our workouts better when we have on that new HOT PINK sports bra. 

To have that feeling of gold.  It's our fuel, the pep in our step.  

For me, I believe this:  threads should not cost too much, your confidence is priceless and should always be your number one accessory, and you can always find a look for less...promise. 

My focus is on affordable style, standing out without splurging, and encouraging you to dress-up once in a while...I know you miss that feeling. 

There is only one YOU, and you are a work of art. 

When they doubt you...

show them your wings.

Hope in moments of uncertainty.

Confidence when facing "the talkers."

Bold moves in the presence of "the haters."

Kindness and love to calm "the storm."

Belief in yourself...they wouldn't be talking if you had no value...

so let them talk, a lot.

As much negativity that we face in the world, sometimes it's not as easy as just popping your collar and moving on. 

BUT, what we must remember, there will always be more GOOD than bad;  more STRENGTH than sorrow.

Believe in the good in people, and always be kind,

no matter what. 

Everyone has wings aching to fly.

"Do your thing, prove 'em wrong. 

Then pop your collar and do it with swag!" 

~Tyra Banks

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